When it comes to Ibiza wedding venues, your choices basically come down to restaurants, hotels and villas, which are large, privately owned country houses. Many of these villas provide amenities similar to a hotel, but are rented out exclusively by the week. Ibiza has many villas that offer themselves up for wedding celebrations all over the island, steps from the beach, near Ibiza Town or deep in the countryside. Here are our top 5 reasons to consider getting married at a villa in Ibiza.

  1. Beautiful setting for your Ibiza wedding

The most popular villas for weddings in Ibiza have a breathtaking, old-world Mediterranean charm. Many villas in Ibiza are carefully restored estate houses that date back 200 or even 500 years, but which now have all the modern amenities one would hope for on vacation. The aged stone walls and Mediterranean countryside make the perfect setting for a romantic, relaxed outdoor wedding. You will have little need to decorate because the views are so beautiful by themselves – a simple wedding arch, seating and dining with a few flowers and rustic centerpieces is all you need to turn an Ibiza villa into the wedding venue of your dreams.

  1. Private, romantic atmosphere

When you book a villa for your wedding, you get it entirely to yourself for a whole week. This really gives your wedding a personal, intimate feel and makes for a very romantic event. You have complete freedom to use the villa’s amenities exclusively for you and your guests (in other words, no sharing the hotel pool with crazy kids or strangers).

  1. Indoor and outdoor spaces

Depending on the villa you book, you may have access to both outdoor and indoor spaces for your party. This is important for three reasons: one, if the heat of the Ibiza sun becomes too much, guests can take a break in the air conditioning indoors; two, if it happens to rain on your wedding day, you have a built in backup plan and can simply move the party indoors or under a covered terrace; three, you can move the dance party inside for your craziest friends after midnight. Ibiza has strict noise ordinances in place and outdoor music can only be played at an extremely low volume after midnight (if not, the neighbors will call the police). You will be able to keep the party going longer if you play your dance music inside.

  1. Lodging included

A villa for an Ibiza wedding can have anywhere from a single bedroom to 12 or more rooms, which means it comes with built in lodging for at least you and your honey. The majority of villas will sleep between 8 and 20 people, which means you can invite whoever you want to share the space with you for the week of the wedding (parents, wedding party, best friends only, whatever you want). Guests are usually expecting to pay their own lodging, which will help offset the costs of your venue. Bonus!

  1. Make an Ibiza holiday out of it

Like we said before, you get the place to yourselves for an entire week, so make a vacation out of it! Enjoy a post-wedding brunch, take a dip in the pool, and explore everything Ibiza has to offer at your own pace.