Since the magical moment that you decided to come to the white island, you will want to have the perfect accommodation in a smart place and it is just in that moment when we star to assist you, because we know the island so well and we would like to carry about your preferences. With our amazing catalog of properties and hotels that allow us to advise you perfectly and knowing much well which one could fix you better.

Once you have decide for your accommodation you will start to feel happy and safe working with us because you know have done the right choice.

But listen, this is just the beginning. We are sure that you would like to move all along the island with total freedom. And for that you need the right vehicle from and cool cabrio to an sportive car or if you are a team or one of those who does not like to drive you will be able to bring a van service or driver.


You could need a massage, personal trainer or practice any water sports. Just check our services section and discover a range of choices. Maybe you know Ibiza well and would like to make an event with friends or the wedding of your dreams.

Or maybe you are a business who knows that Ibiza is the best place to celebatre an event with your partners, customers o employees. We have a wide experience in the sector please contact us or expand more on our events page.


In G&N Ibiza have more than 6 years combined experience in organizing, designing and managing private and corporate events, specializing in weddings, civil partnerships and general celebrations from London to this wonderful island of Ibiza.


We guarantee a memorable experience. Our offer is totally flexible, tailored to fit every budget and with the possibility of providing a Chef to suit each customer’s needs. We also have professional waiters and delivery services


If you have to organize a Bday party, corporate event, or if you want to celebrate the anniversary of your love, for any of these special occasions, G&N Ibiza is there for you ! We can help you in the process of making an unforgettable moment of your celebration. DJ, musicians, thematic evenings or hall decoration, please contact us for personalized consultation.