Boho-chic and Ibiza go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s something about the energy of this place, super laid back and chill, that attracts couples who are looking to reflect that same relaxed style in their weddings, while making it uniquely their own. While a bohemian Ibiza wedding is certainly one of the most popular requests here, no two boho weddings are alike. The beauty of boho is it gives you the flexibility to be totally and completely you. Here are a few tips to get you started creating your perfect boho wedding in Ibiza.

Choose a rustic Ibiza wedding venue

You can totally have a beachy boho wedding in Ibiza, but actual “on the beach” locations can be tricky to find since they passed a law making it illegal to marry on a public beach. But personally, I think a rustic countryside villa makes the ideal spot for a boho, rustic or shabby chic wedding in Ibiza. Many of these rural villas are really 4- or 5-star accommodations with all the rustic, Mediterranean charm of the 17th century. You’ll see a lot of whitewash stone, distressed wood, gorgeous old trees and Mediterranean prairie grass.

Ibiza boho wedding décor

You have a lot of room to express yourself here, but these are a few suggestions we have seen in some adorable boho weddings:

  • Wedding arch made from collected branches and scraps of floaty fabrics like tulle
  • Wildflowers, wildflowers and more wildflowers
  • Stained glass jars or mason jars with flowers and/or candles for centerpieces
  • Handmade pennant banners
  • Retro, vintage or off-beat furniture for seating and décor
  • Funky lanterns on tables, on the ground, hanging from trees
  • Pops of bright colors in flowy materials and ribbons
  • Lots of twine and other unfinished and/or distressed materials

Just go wild, nothing should look too perfect. I’ve even seen one couple that lined the aisle with huge craft pompoms stuck on wooden skewers, like flowerbeds of pompoms, and it was too cute!

Your Ibiza boho wedding look

Above all, your boho wedding dress should reflect your personal style. Most boho brides in Ibiza opt for something classically boho or something really quirky: for example, a romantic, flowy eyelet dress, lacey materials, crocheted dresses, vintage wedding dresses, retro tea length dresses. There are no hard and fast rules, but in general you want to stay away from dresses that have too much structure or are overly formal.

You have a lot of options for your headpiece, too. Many Ibiza brides keep it simple by weaving a few flowers into an updo, or making a flower crown. Another Ibiza wedding classic is the lace headband, which is basically a long ribbon of lace about two inches wide that you tie around your forehead, hippie style. An elbow length mantilla veil cascading around your beautiful face would also fit in with the boho look, as would a cute fascinator veil for a retro look.

For hair and makeup, most Ibiza weddings call for a natural, soft and romantic look, although you are definitely welcome to break the rules with a punch of color or a dramatic red lip, for example. Just be you!