Cutting into the wedding cake together with your new spouse is the focal point of the reception, so you want to make sure that you have a wedding cake worthy of all that attention (and one that tastes great, too!). There are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to your Ibiza wedding cake. Here, we’ll discuss the most important considerations, some important tips and a few ideas to get you inspired.

Important considerations for an Ibiza wedding cake

There are a lot of unfortunate stories on the internet about couples who hired someone in Ibiza to make their wedding cake and it turned out to be a complete disaster. Basically anyone can call themselves a pastry chef or wedding cake designer, but since you most likely won’t be able to meet them in their place of business beforehand, you’re kind of taking a shot in the dark. The best way to ensure you get a high quality and beautiful cake for your Ibiza wedding is to use bakers recommended by your wedding planner. Your wedding planner has years of experience and knows which wedding cake makers are the best at what they do, and which ones need to be avoided.

Your wedding planner will also make sure the baker has experience with actual wedding cakes in the warm Ibiza climate. Many couples have been disappointed when the buttercream frosting on their wedding cake started to get oily and drippy after an hour or so in the Ibiza sunshine. Again, a wedding planner who specializes in Ibiza weddings knows which pastry professionals can give you a beautiful, tasty cake that can withstand the conditions of an outdoor wedding in Ibiza.

Ibiza wedding cake inspiration

Your wedding cake should reflect the overall vibe or your Ibiza wedding, whether it’s beachy or boho, rustic or retro. Most couples who come to Ibiza express their desire for a wedding that’s chill, relaxed and simple; if that describes you, then you might consider a simple two-tier round or square cake. The design can tie in with your wedding theme and also express something about who you are as a couple. They say that Ibiza has a magical quality for making the color white look amazing, so sticking with a classic white icing/fondant would not be a boring choice at all in this case.

As far as flavors go, Ibiza has a fun, fresh island atmosphere that you might want to play with in your wedding cake. Ibiza is in a region of Spain famous for its oranges, for example. Lemon is also a fun and fresh Mediterranean flavor to consider. If your wedding will have beach views, then you might want to get your guests into an island mood with coconut or rum flavors. But if you have your heart set on a classic vanilla or chocolate, that’s certainly not a problem. When you find a great, professional wedding cake bakery through your wedding planner, they can make sure your dream cake becomes a delicious reality.