We’re so excited that you’ve chosen Ibiza as the place to celebrate your love for one another (and not the least bit surprised). Planning a wedding abroad and getting married in another country can be a little tricky, so here are some helpful tips for getting married in Ibiza.

Have a realistic budget for your Ibiza wedding

Many couples assume they will be able to get a cheaper wedding by taking things overseas, and in some cases this is true; however, it is not true on Ibiza. Ibiza is a top destination for weddings and luxury travelers, and most things here come with a hefty price tag. For reference, a local wedding planner who is able to negotiate the best prices with vendors could be able to plan an Ibiza wedding for 50 guests for around €10,000-€20,000+, depending on the venue and the time of year.

Pick the right wedding date

Ibiza has three “seasons”, and only one is generally recommended for weddings. Mid-season, which runs from May to September (excluding July and August), is the best time for weddings because it has the perfect combination of great weather (better than low-season) and better value (more available venues and better pricing than high-season).

Understand the legalities of getting married in Ibiza

Most foreigners wanting to get married in Ibiza will have to be legally married in their home country either before or after the Ibiza ceremony. Exceptions: if one or both of you is a resident of Ibiza, you can be legally married in a civil ceremony in town hall after applying through the Registro Civil; if one or both of you is a member of the Roman Catholic Church, you can be legally married through the Church (contact your local priest to get the process started, and have your wedding planner put you in touch with a priest in Ibiza).

Hire an Ibiza wedding planner who knows the area

Finding vendors for every aspect of your wedding is stressful enough when you can meet with everyone in person – can you imagine the stress of planning your own wedding from a thousand miles away? Hiring a wedding planner who has experience with ceremonies and receptions in Ibiza will give you a lot of peace of mind and a chance to enjoy your engagement. Plus, your wedding planner already knows which vendors are the best (and which ones are best to avoid!) and has the power to negotiate much lower prices and a better overall value for your money than you could ever achieve on your own.

Go to Ibiza to check out wedding venues

Before you get your heart set on a particular wedding venue from online pictures alone, it’s worth it to make a quick flight over to Ibiza and see them in person. More than one commenter on TripAdvisor, for example, has explained how they completely changed their minds once they saw a few venues in person. The venue they had originally planned on turned out to not really be their style, while others that they hadn’t even considered were suddenly bumped to the top of the list.