Anytime a destination wedding is involved, things can get tricky in terms of legal things and paperwork, and Ibiza is no different. First, just to clarify, anyone can have a wedding ceremony and/or reception in Ibiza, regardless of your nationality, religion or sexual orientation. However, only certain groups can have a legally binding marriage ceremony in Ibiza. Here, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the legal business involved in getting married in Ibiza.

Ibiza weddings for Ibiza residents

This is the simplest scenario but also the least likely. If either you or your partner is a legal resident of Ibiza, and you don’t want a wedding in the Catholic Church, then you can get married in Ibiza in a legally binding civil ceremony at the local ayuntamiento (town hall). If you then wanted to have a ceremony with more pomp and circumstance at the wedding venue of your choice, that would be icing on the (wedding) cake.

Ibiza weddings for Catholics

Marriages performed by the Roman Catholic Church are considered legally binding in Spain, and therefore Ibiza, and they are the only religious ceremony that is legally binding. You will have to start the process by getting in touch with your local priest, and will have to complete a marriage preparedness course with your partner. Your priest and/or wedding planner should be able to get in touch with a priest in Ibiza to organize everything and give you information about the Catholic ceremony and mass. You may need to provide a baptism certificate for at least one of you, and possibly confirmation certificates as well to establish your membership in the Roman Catholic Church. Your wedding must take place in a church in Ibiza.

Ibiza weddings for Anglicans

An Anglican wedding or Church of England wedding is not legally binding in Ibiza, but there is a great local representation of the Anglican Church thanks to the large number of Brits who come to Ibiza to get married. You can get in touch with the Church of England in Ibiza directly to get detailed information on how to proceed with your wedding in Ibiza. They generally require you to have a civil ceremony in your home country beforehand, so you will be legally married before arriving in Ibiza for your religious ceremony.

Ibiza weddings for everyone else

If you aren’t a resident of Ibiza or a member of the Roman Catholic Church, your marriage on Ibiza is not legally binding. That means that, for your marriage to be legal, you will have to have a marriage ceremony in your home country, which may be either civil or religious depending on the laws back home. You can generally do this before or after your trip to Ibiza. When you arrive in Ibiza, you can have a non-religious or spiritual “blessing” ceremony, which has all the bells and whistles and looks just like a regular wedding, but without the legal bit. If you want a religious ceremony on Ibiza that is not Catholic or Anglican, there is an Interdenominational Church on Ibiza that can point you in the right direction. It may be slightly more difficult to find someone on Ibiza to perform a Jewish, Muslim or Hindu wedding, but most likely not impossible.